domingo, 2 de novembro de 2008

Traditional holidays and celebrations:
1) The school recess online booking of work, the right of the worker, school holidays!
2) Brazil: the first 01 / 07 September / 12 Oct / 15 Nov / Dec 25 United States: the first 01 / 04 of July / 12 Oct / 11 Nov / Dec 25
3) They called their friends and family and celebrate with many foods and beverages, and music!
4) They are customs, the beliefs of each region or nationality. Each state has its own characteristics or the country where the prevailing customs of their ancestors from generation to generation!

Education including the early years, teenage years & college years:
1) Yes.
2) It is always good to have the maximum learning.
3) Normal.
4) Various materials, the entire morning.
5) Five days.
6) The school is very important, because it is the basic unit of education.

Natural Disasters - A Worldwide Look at Natural Disasters.
1) It is a manifestation of nature that happens in hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes etc.
2) The intervention of man in nature causes incredible changes.
3) looking for a place protected.

Water - Our World's Water
1) Is the H2O, which makes human beings survive so it is very important to us because we do not live without it.
2) Evaporation, condensation, and rain or melting of snow, water entering the rocks and soils, rainfall in the oceans, evapotranspiration from plants, evaporation from lakes and rivers and groundwater.
3) Water is important because we need it to survive then not live without it.
4) The intervention of man on the environment and the increase in the consumption of it due to population growth.
5) When she still have good levels of purity for consumption.

Global Warming - The Planet is Heating Up!
1) Due to the technology of industries that pollute the air with their smoke and also the illegal deforestation.
2) The impact is exaggerated because it causes a big change in weather, storms, was supposed to be cold when so hot.
3) Polluted, causing deforestation, fires etc.
4) Preserving the character, not polluting the rivers, do not cause fires, toppling trees not so.

Habitats - Habitats and the Plants and Animals that live within.
1) Because every living species has a characteristic itself and therefore there is more habitat.
2) Because each species has its natural habitat.
3) No.

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Traditional holidays and celebrations:
1. What types of holidays are celebrated and why?
2. Compare which holidays are the same and how they celebrate them?(United States)
3. How do people celebrate people's birthdays?
4. What other information can be shared about traditions?

Education including the early years, teenage years & college years:
1. Is education required?
2. If so, for how long?
3. What is a typical school day like for a teenager in your country?
4. What types of subjects do you study and how long is your school day?
5. How many days do you go to school each week?
6. What other things can you mention about school?


Natural Disasters - A Worldwide Look at Natural Disasters.
Essential Questions
1. What is a natural disaster?
2. What combination of factors causes different kinds natural disasters?
3. What do you do when the news warns of a big storm?

Water - Our World's Water
Essential Questions
1. What is water?
2. What is the water cycle?
3. Why is water important?
4. What problems does the world face with its water supply?
5. When is water good to drink?

Global Warming - The Planet is Heating Up!
Essential Questions
1. How do human activities cause global warming?
2. How does global warming impact the planet?
3. How can people slow the rate of global warming?
4. How can we help to save our planet from global warming?

Habitats - Habitats and the Plants and Animals that live within.
Essential Questions
1. Why are there different types of habitats?
2. How do different habitats affect human, plant and animal life?
3. If a camel lived in a rainforest, would it still have a hump?

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segunda-feira, 28 de julho de 2008

1) In my free time, I do some things that my mother asked me, play video game and sometimes I study a little.
2) Ball game, I do physical education, sports eye on the TV.
3) Any kind, depends on the time pop rock.
4) Singing some songs, I hear more.
5) Do not play or a istrument.
6) I love to read but, rarely read a good book, which speaks on a subject interesting.
7) Generally I read books of poetry.
8) I love the movie when I always eye, Hot screen, DVD.
9) My favorite, has a mountain, The Cry, Transforms, Harry Potter, etc.10) To purchase food Drica, remain on the Internet.

terça-feira, 22 de julho de 2008


Relaxation and fun:
What activities do you enjoy in your free time?
Are you involved in any sport activities or do you watch sports?
What type of music do you enjoy?
Do you sing?
Do you play any musical instruments?
Do you enjoy reading?
If so, what are some favorite books you have read?
Do you watch movies?
If so what are your favorite ones?
What other things do you enjoy doing?